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Get Things Flowing In The Right Direction!

Welcome to Adams Irrigation LLC

We at Adams Irrigation LLC are proud to provide first-class landscape maintenance and irrigation solutions in the surrounding Bend, OR area. Whether you are dealing with a faulty irrigation system, need weekly lawn mowing service, or endeavor to renovate your landscape entirely, count on our professionals to work with you from start to finish until all of your needs are met. With just one call you can “get things flowing in the right direction!” 
Adams Irrigation LLC knows how important it is to make sure your irrigation system is in proper working order to keep your site always looking its best. Over time, wear, tear, and breakage inevitably lead to malfunctions and water waste. That is why maintenance on an ongoing basis is imperative to make the most out of your irrigation system. For instance, missing or broken heads cause wet spots and water runoff. When this happens, it is important that sprinkler heads are replaced immediately. 
Sprinklers that are set to spray hard surfaces can cause water runoff, resulting in dry spots in landscapes. Clogged nozzles can also cause dry spots. To prevent more extensive and costlier damage to your landscape, it is imperative that you have a professional provide regular inspections on your irrigation system. 
We at Adams Irrigation LLC are also certified backflow testers. But what is backflow? Backflow is the undesired reversal of water flow from its intended direction in any plumbing system or pipeline. Backflow is dangerous because contaminated water can quickly infiltrate drinking water, thereby rendering it unusable. We ensure that backflow prevention devices are set and in good working order in the event that there is an abrupt change in the city’s main supply due to a fire or a broken hydrant. 
Above all else, we care about meeting your full satisfaction at every turn, and we do not feel that our work is successful until this is accomplished. Pick up the phone and speak with one of our representatives at Adams Irrigation LLC today, and get 10% off for active and retired military and senior citizens.